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This morning I was scanning through one of my groups on Facebook and came across an “Open Letter to Whomever Needs to Hear It”. I was bouncing back and forth between my phone and my journal and mentioned to GUS (God, Universe, Spirit) that I desired to do something of the sort. “It is my desire to bring comfort to others.”

The reply was: “But you do that already. Every time. To a friend and loved one in their times of greatest challenge, when you offer them kind words, a hug.”

To which I replied: “I would like to do that on a grander scale. To share “open letters” to those who most need to heart them. To remind people that they matter.”

So was born the Daily Messages feature in my community at large.

Originally, I thought to offer it only to my patrons, and I might in the future. However, it feels to me as though these will be messages many who are not yet even aware of me could stand to hear.

These messages will, for the most part, be posted Monday through Friday. Though, they may pop up from time to time during the weekend. I won’t rule that out because I am only the messenger.

With that ALL being said, and without further ado, here is today’s message – the first of many to come.

May it bring you comfort, if even in some small way.

You can think of it as an etheric hug from “GUS”.

May you be well, dear friend, until next time we connect.

Today’s Daily Message

Dear Ones,

Today we ask you to not be so fixated on that which you see before you. Current situations are based on past choices made – whether by you or others. (Though, whether consciously or unconsciously, you chose to allow it into your awareness.) Instead, we ask you to focus your attention (and intention) upon that which you most prefer to see.

What are your preferences?

If that which you see before you is not what you prefer, then set intentions that are more in alignment with what you desire. In other words, “place your order with the Universe”.

You have that power.

It is yours to be used, and if you do not – that is, if you do not make your desires and intentions known – make a choice, the choice will be made for you by you, on an unconscious level.

You are always making choices, whether you are aware of them or not. The “trick” is to be aware of the choices you are making. That way, you will have before you that which you desire most, what is more in alignment with you.

Challenging situations will always occur. Even when you are at your most aware, they will happen. They are, however, nothing more than “divine detours” in the road of Life, in your Journey.

There are those among you who have called this “contrast”. The contrast is sometimes necessary, though, for you to get clear on what you do desire to see in your life.

Sometimes – and often is the case – it is the detour which leads you to that which you desired most but were not yet aware.

The Journey, Dear Ones, is temporary. Enjoy it – and all its little detours – while you are able. You never know when it will come to an end. Look for the “good”, the positive in every moment. Even in the challenging ones, for we promise you, it is always there. One must, however, focus less on what is not desired in order to find it.


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