Energetic Challenges In the Ethereal Body

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Over the years, I’ve realized how really in-tune I’ve been with the energy of my body.

About a year and a half ago, I went to an energy healer. I was “off”. My emotions were in-flux, and I was feeling pretty melancholy.

I wouldn’t have defined it as “depressed”. I’ve been there, done that throughout my life, and it just wasn’t to that point. In addition, I was experiencing some tenderness in my left breast. I didn’t FEEL that it was life threatening, but knew something in my energy field was off. And while I, myself, am an energy healer, sometimes the healer needs healing. So, I went to an energy healer that one of my friends recommended, Glenda.

[ppp_patron_only level=”11″ silent=”no”]As she worked on me, my mom came through, which didn’t shock me in the least. Mom had always been one of my biggest supporters while in body and continues to be in Spirit. And… she is still a spit-fire (the red hair don’t lie). Apparently, she said she was not going anywhere and proceeded to stomp her foot on Glenda’s.

What took me by surprise, though, is the spirit of a little “boy” I never came to know.

He called himself “Timmy”. He said he was the spirit of a child I miscarried, and that is what took me by surprise because as far as I was concerned, I’ve never had a miscarriage. HOWEVER, as we continued to talk, something came to mind…

Back in 1998, when DH was in AIT (Army Training after he went through boot camp a second time, the first being when he went into the Navy.) in Aberdeen, Maryland, I went to visit him for a weekend. About a month later, my cycle ran long. I felt I was pregnant. Felt it in my being. When I started my flow about a week later, I thought I had miscarried. So, I went into the doctor, only to be told that I was never pregnant.

When I recalled that during my appointment with Glenda, I was able to put two and two together. I had been pregnant with “Timmy”. Only, it had been energetic and not long enough to have begun physically manifesting in my body. At the last moment, though, he had changed his mind and decided against being born at that time or to us.

It was for the better, though… At that time, I was not ready to be a mother again. I had my hands full enough with my two eldest kids. It wasn’t until 8 years later that the spirit of LB decided to “go for it”. But I’ve known since I got pregnant with her that she had waited until I matured and evolved to a point where I could guide her on her physical Journey.

Fast forward to present day… (Yes, this story actually has a point.)

A couple of weeks ago I discovered blood in my stool. (TMI, I know.) At first, I did panic. After all, blood in one’s stool is not considered “normal” and can indicate a variety of ailments in the body. I made an appointment with my doctor. A doctor that I haven’t seen for a year and a half because – truthfully – she doesn’t resonate with me. Just as the pediatrician she referred Laney to in that same group doesn’t resonate with us (to put it mildly).

As I considered it more, though… When I was able to get beyond my fear and panic, I received the feeling, the impression that this is not the “clue by four”. It is a step up from the weight gain but a distinct step below what it can become, if I continue not to listen.

So, I started a gut cleanse… I have evidence for my “good” and “bad” days. Because, if I’m honest with myself, I’ve been going at the cleanse in a half-hearted manner.

Yesterday, was a “bad” day. But I’ve not been eating “right” the past couple of days and have not been on top of my supplements. I paid for it.

One thing has occurred to me but was not something I acted on until yesterday and this morning.

All of the ailments that we experienced are either mental or emotional in nature. Essentially, the aches, pains, and dis-ease we experience are thoughts or emotions that lodge in our energy and end up manifesting in our physical body. I truly believe this and have believed it for many years, but I don’t always apply the knowledge and guidance I receive to myself. (I tend to take care of others before myself.)

I decided to look up what emotions affect our gut…[/ppp_patron_only]

As I did some research, I came across an article from spiritualityhealth.comAn Energetic Digestive Cleanse – sponsored by the Energy Healing Institute, and I discovered that the following emotions are associated with stomach ailments:

  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • The need to be perfect (Perfectionism)
  • Rage or anger
  • Overwhelm that comes from caretaking or being highly sensitive or empathic

And… BINGO! They ALL apply to me.

In the end of the article, the author, Jill Leigh, mentioned that she was doing an energetic digestive cleanse Live on Facebook. That was back in 2018, but I was glad to find that it’s still available to watch!

I watched it this morning.

Jill offered some good information as well as a cleansing meditation, which I did this morning, and I did feel energized and motivated afterward.

And, I’m happy to say, that – despite the discomfort I experienced last night and this morning – things are looking good. Are they due to the meditation? Probably not, but it certainly could not have hurt!

I will definitely keep the emotions in mind in the future. Experience them, then let them dissipate for completion. On top of the things I Know I need to do for a healthy gut.

Everything happens for a reason… I know this, and everything that we go through ourselves is for the purpose of assisting others in the future to go through the same or similar situations. This serves a purpose, and I will be better for it – as will others – in the days to come. ❤️

Until next time, dear friend, may you and yours be well!

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