Heart(h) Thoughts: The Spirit of Love

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We all need a bit of love and encouragement as we go through our day. Join me by the Hearth every Tuesday and Thursday to apply the Heart Thoughts “salve” we can use to inspire or heal our (sometimes) aching hearts.

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This morning I intuitively flipped through the pages of Louise Hay’s book Heart Thoughts and what entry should I land upon? One with a Christmas theme.

Not too unusual, I guess, since we’ll be in July tomorrow and “Christmas in July” is a thing, right?

As I read through the entry, though, I realized it really is something that is needed at this time.

The message is to “let the spirit of love flow through you”. Something I feel we ALL need at this time.

It’s been a rough year for SO MANY, and we’re only halfway through it.

There is SO MUCH being asked of us, whether we are aware of it or not.

Each day we’re being asked to re-evaluate even our smallest of perceptions, thoughts, and ways of being.

That CAN be challenging work!

Not too long ago… Well, back when our world started going into isolation, I recall hearing that some people were beginning to put their Christmas decorations up again. Admittedly, my Ego railed against this. Just as it rears its head when I hear of people putting up their decorations in October.

“No! It’s too soon!” or “It’s not the right time of year!”

This, I know, is reflective of my belief that the holiday season has become so commercialized over the years. It has lost its “mojo”.

When “done right” in my mind – and all commercialization aside – there is a feeling, an energy present in the season that I absolutely LOVE. It’s an energy that I attempt to capture every year.

Some years, I’m successful in that pursuit. Others, I’m not. But I do recognize it, and quite honestly? I cannot blame people in the very least for wanting to revert back to it. Especially given all that humanity has encountered as of late.

So, in this particular entry in Heart Thoughts, Louise Hay asks us to remember “the very best Christmas you ever had as a child.” “Remember the sights, the smells, the tastes, and touches, and the people who were there.”

Can you remember it?

For me, the holidays tended to be drama-filled or uneventful. Sure! I got lots of “neat” stuff, but on a feeling level… I believe the best feelings I would get is going to the mall. Seeing the area all “dressed in its very best”. People wandering around, enjoying the sites and making thoughtful purchases for those they loved.

That was the late 80’s.

I could come away from those experiences feeling energized, uplifted.

These days… I can no longer do it and am so grateful that I can order gifts online and have them delivered to my home.

Maybe I’ve changed. Maybe the people and their perceptions and motivations have changed.

I’m not sure, but the energy no longer feels uplifting to me.

But that’s a discussion for another time.

Louise Hay goes on to say:

Perhaps one of the most wonderful things about that particular Christmas was the love that was present. Let the spirit of love flow through you now. Bring into your heart all the people you know and care about. Surround them with this love. Know that you can carry this special feeling of Christmas love and spirit with you everywhere and have it all the time, not only at Christmas. You are love. You are spirit. You are light. You are energy. And so it is.

Louise Hay, Heart Thoughts (49)

Connect with that love. It is always present and ready for the feeling, whether we are aware of it or not.

So as you go through your day today, dear friend. Latch on to that energy. Allow it to heal any places in your heart that may feel achy or tender.

I am sending you love and healing.

Until next time, dear friend, may you and yours be well!

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