Ask the Angels

Do you have questions about Life in general?

Maybe you just can’t “swing” the investment for an Intuitive Session or Angel Clarity Session with Dawna at the moment.

I get it! That is why I’m offering you another opportunity to ask a question of the Angels.

One that doesn’t require an investment beyond patience.

Each week, I sit with the Angel that is in the current Monthly Spotlight and focus on a question. I am happy to pose your open-ended question about Life-in-General question. (If you would like one specific to you and your own life situation, scheduling a private session with me would be your best bet.)

Just submit your question in the form below. If I feel it will fit the bill, I will add it to my growing list of questions to ask in the future.

Please know not all questions will be used. But I will get to all of those that feel pertinent and in-alignment with me and the energy I am seeking to nurture here. ALL are appreciated, though!

I hope to hear from you soon! ❤️ 😇

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