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Making the Best of It

Making the Best of It

This morning, I popped into the Everyday Magic Check-In post from Friday to share my own favorite image. For me, the "magic" I experienced was not from the image itself, rather the story behind the image. (After all, isn't that where much of the magic in our lives...

Energetic Challenges In the Ethereal Body

Energetic Challenges In the Ethereal Body

Over the years, I’ve realized how really in-tune I’ve been with my body.

About a year and a half ago, I went to an energy healer. I was “off”. My emotions were in-flux, and I was feeling pretty melancholy.

Be the Peace and Acceptance You Seek

Be the Peace and Acceptance You Seek

This morning's message from GUS (God, Universe, Spirit): Dear Ones, there is such unrest within your world at this time. It is, however, a reflection of the unrest that exists within you at this time. We have said this so many times in the hope you will understand the...

Monday Message: Only By Thriving Can We Help Others

Daily Message: Challenges Are Opportunities for Learning

Today's message from GUS (God/Universe/Spirit): Dear Ones, it has been a most challenging time for your world, and, though, there are areas among you that are "opening up", the challenge has not fully subsided. It continues in the way you relate with one another....

Monday Message: Only By Thriving Can We Help Others

Introduction to the New Daily Message

The “daily” message is a new feature I am now offering to the community at large. It was born out of my desire to offer comfort to others, who most need it. It is meant to be much like an etheric hug from GUS (God, Universe, Spirit).

Monday Message: Whose In the Universal Kitchen with Dawna?

 A GOOD Monday morning to you, my dear friend! I do hope that you had a lovely weekend. This week’s message is all about manifesting.We all have desires that we dream of seeing manifested in our lives.Some we work really hard to manifest.We “do all the things right”....

As a Spiritual Life Coach, energetic healer, and “Mistress of the Woo”, Dawna Kreis uses her spiritual gifts, creativity, and enthusiasm to help her clients to experience greater health, happiness, and harmony in their lives.


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