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Do you have questions about your life?

Your Spiritual Support Team and Angels have the answers!

Get the CLARITY and insights you’ve been seeking
through an Intuitive Reading or Angel Wisdom Session with Dawna.

Intuitive Readings are fun, safe, easy, reliable, and proven ways to receive the clarity and answers you are seeking.

*Available Worldwide via Zoom or Email*

Are you ready for the divine insights you need so you can fulfill
your Divine Life Purpose and be happy, healthy, inspired, and fulfilled?

Are you ready for a positive shift in your life?

Where Do Intuitive Readings/Sessions Happen?

Available Worldwide via Zoom or Email

Enjoy being in the comfort of your own home or office while receiving guidance from your Spiritual Support Team & the Angels.

Doing your session via Zoom (video option) is best, so you and Dawna can see one another. You can also see the cards that she draws for you.

And all options provide you with a recording that you can watch/listen to long after your session has ended!

In addition, there is an “email” option.

Unlike others you may purchase such a reading from, though, this “email” reading is unique!

Instead of simply receiving a reading via typed text, Dawna records a video message for you! It’s almost like having an actual Zoom appointment with her, except you don’t have to scrape together the time to meet with her.

This is an especially GREAT option if you don’t live in a part of the world where her schedule is conducive to your timezone.  

Who Is Dawna?

As an intuitive, energetic healer, and Magical Wayshower, Dawna uses her spiritual gifts, creativity, and 20+ years’ experience in personal and spiritual development to empower others to create greater health, happiness, and harmony in their lives.

In addition, she is an Angel Communicator, Archangel Activation Facilitator, Angelic Healing Practitioner, Reiki practitioner and Master/Teacher, Animal Communicator and Reiki Practitioner, and Certified Life Coach.

Here’s How Dawna’s Intuitive Readings Have Helped Others…

“Dawna is a wise and gentle soul. Not only is she really caring and kind but she has incredible spiritual knowledge. She will have compassion for you and your situation and won’t judge you. She also has incredible intuitive gifts that make it easier to connect with your Angel team!”

Veronica Daffern

“Dawna is always present. She listens while looking into your eyes, smiling, unassuming. She is so in-tune with Spirit and able to grant counsel and divine wisdom.  I have been so blessed/fortunate to have her in my life for support, guidance, and as a source for me to hear what specific divine messages are awaiting me … if I only ask. I have grown and developed exponentially since meeting her.”

Mandy G

“Dawna was amazing and tapped into something special and unexplainable. She gifted me with guidance and answers that I have been seeking and searching years for. Her connection with the Angels is strong and clear. She has made a huge positive impact on my life and my way forward to creating and enjoying the life that I always knew was available to me but seemed to be just out of reach.”

Mike (retired from the Army)

Working with Dawna was such a pleasure as she has such a kind heart and it is obvious she really wants to serve. She took the time to explain things very clearly during my session. All the information that came up resonated so strongly and helped to clarify my question.”

Rick Zirk

“Dawna did a reading for me. I was moved to tears by the poignant message but also empowered by what she intuitively revealed. This is the absolute best outcome for a card reading I think. [She is] truly insightful and a beautiful spirit – so glad we’ve connected. We’ll definitely work together again!”

Karen M.

“I loved the way the reading unfolded. And, yes, a complete reflection of what I’ve been feeling in my gut.”

Latrelle R.

“Dawna’s reading was on point and reflected what I’d been feeling. She’s definitely aligned and my questions were answered.”

Karen D

“You got me. Everything I’ve been feeling you hit right on the nail.”

Daniele K

“Wow! That was SPOT ON! Literally every part of it!”

Ambs M.

Are you ready to receive the CLARITY & INSIGHTS so you can experience
all the love, joy, and abundance meant for you?