Intuitive Reading Types

What types of readings does Dawna offer during her Intuitive Sessions?
Check them out below!

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Reading Types

Intuitive Readings play a very large role in the Intuitive Sessions Dawna offers. It determines the “flavor” of the overall session itself. As a result, she offers several different types from which you can choose for your session with her.

You may choose the type of reading you desire your session to include at check-out.

Most types of readings can be done in a one-on-one session or as a video (ie email) session.

Power Animal

Our Spirit Team of Angels, Teachers, & Guides often include animals. “Power Animals” are symbolic of qualities that we possess or are growing into throughout the course of spirit’s evolution. This reading provides you with insight into the messages the Spirit Animals of your Team have for you.

Angel Session

While Dawna calls upon all angels for every reading she does, this reading places greater emphasis on the messages the Archangels and angels (including Nature Spirits) have for you.

In addition to the reading, Dawna performs an Introductory Meditation and, if there is time after your questions have been answered, she performs a healing guided meditation. (Please note: This option is only available as a one-on-one session.

12 Month Outlook

This reading gives you greater insight into what the next 12 months hold in store for you. This can be done any time of the year but is most potent at the beginning of a new year or your birthday.

Moon Manifestation Reading

The energies of the Moon and Her cycles affect us in such a profound way! Through these energies – when we are aware and in alignment with them – that we can more easily manifest our dreams and desires into reality. This reading can be performed at the New or Full moon for guidance on how better to work with these energies on a conscious level.