Monday Message: Healing and Planning

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As part of my first Live (in a long time) on Facebook, I did a reading. The message I received pointed to this being a time of healing for Humanity, us as individuals and the Earth, itself.

No new information there, right?

But the cards also pointed to this being a time of planning and reflection.

What will we do differently when this is all over?

What will we choose for our new normal? Because things certainly will not go back to the old normal. BUT we have the power to choose what that new normal will FEEL like.

Rather in-line with the post I made on the Hearth page this morning…

Was doing part of my meditation this morning with Rafaella Castro on Insight Timer. (I’m 11 days into my intention to establish a more consistent meditation practice. Yay, me!) But I was reminded that while I do not ultimately have over how my day looks, what will occur, I *do* have absolute power over how I feel through it. And so do you!

How do you want to feel today?


I desire to feel peace, joy and inspired creativity. I desire to experience grace in myself and others. In the end, though, I can only manifest that in myself and *choose* peace if I *don’t* experience it in others.

I can only control myself and how I feel as I progress through my day, and that is more than enough.

I do hope you’ve found that these messages resonate with you, my friend. May you and yours be well until we meet again!


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