The New Moon Manifestation Circle

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Create the Life You Truly Desire

Innately, we are Creators Beings.

Just like an apple tree cannot produce anything but an apple (unless it has been genetically modified by humans , of course), The Divine Source of Creation cannot create anything unlike Itself.

This means that WE ARE CREATORS.

We create our physical reality – our experience of existence – through our thoughts and emotions.

We do this whether we are conscious of doing so or not. The “trick” is to be consciously aware of what we are creating, and create what we most desire.

Place Your Order With the Universe

My dear friend, Latrelle Ross of likens the creation process to going to a restaurant.

When we go to a restaurant, we:

  • Place our order.
  • Express our gratitude to our waiter/ess.
  • Relax and wait, knowing that our request will show up.

We don’t bother the staff every 5 minutes, asking where our order is, do we?

No! Because that’s a good way to either have it take that much longer or worse! Have our food spit in!

The New Moon Is the Time to Set Our Intentions

We are energetic beings and are ONE with Mother Earth, with the WHOLE of Nature. As such, we are affected by the cycles of the moon just as profoundly as the ocean, itself, whether we are aware of it or not.

To live an “intuitive life“, is to consciously align ourselves with the energies surrounding our physical being. Including those of the Moon Cycles.

The period of the New Moon is a time of reflection. When we look at what we created since the previous Full Moon and reflect upon what “worked” and what did not.

It is a time of new beginnings, fresh starts, and clean slates. It’s an opportunity for us to begin again.

It’s ALSO a great time to unplug for a bit of alone time.

BUT if you find that you’ve had it up to your eyeballs with “alone time” as a result of Covid-19 and self-isolation/social distancing and would like a bit of time with other like-minded folks…

Come join us for the Hearth’s New Moon Circle.

How Does the Circle Work?

As much as I would love to meet in person, quite a few considerations just don’t make this feasible for me at this time. So, we will meet virtually utilizing Zoom.

To be honest? This does make my Heart happy for a number of reasons.

We can all meet in our pajamas, if we want to, and we don’t all have to live in the same town or even country!

If you live in another country and can tolerate the time difference, you’re able to join us.

How wonderful is that??

What Is the Investment?

The investment is a nominal $5 love contribution. (If you would like to contribute more, though, you’re more than welcome to do so!)

Why such a low investment?

Because I’m not seeking to make BIG money on this. It is my desire to be in Service to our community. ESPECIALLY at this time of challenge in our world.

Why not just make it free?

Because I DO have a paid subscription on Zoom. Participants’ contributions will assist in covering this. BUT, given that we have access to a paid account, we can go longer than 40 minutes, which we will!

What’s included? What will we do?

The New Moon is the perfect time to clear away the old energies of the previous moon cycle. As such, I will conduct an energy clearing for our group.

In addition, we’ll have an opportunity to discuss our intentions for the new cycle as well as strategies we can utilize to be of assistance to our “wait-staff” rather than a hindrance. We don’t want our manifestations to take any longer than they absolutely have to, right?!

I’ll even conduct a meditation to assist us in our conscious creation process!

Upcoming Gatherings

16 August 2020

18 September 2020

October 16, 2020

November 15, 2020

December 13, 2020


Please make sure to include your best email address,
so I’ll know where to send your invitation to our circle.