It is my hope, this holiday season, to shed as much light on your holiday season as I possibly can!

That’s why MONDAY, December 21st at 7pm ET, I’m hosting a Night of Light on Zoom.

Our night will include:

  • Calling in the Angels to be a part of our celebration
  • Enjoying a guided meditation in which the Angels will give us our personal “word for 2021”
  • Get creative with our word (ie a little vision boarding)
  • Share Light, Love, and the Joy of the Season with one another.

I’ll even offer the gift of a one-card reading for 4 – 5 participants (whatever we have time for) during our time together.

BEST OF ALL, it’s FREE! This my my gift to you!

You will have to register, though. Even with Zoom, we only have so much available “space”.

Just click the button below to sign up!

I hope you will join me!

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Register to join me for this Night of Light

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