Pandemic Musings: Dusting Off Hiccups In Time

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It’s time to dust of “Hiccups In Time” and add it here on the Hearth as a category. It’s all about living life from a more Aware state. Instead of just allowing life to “happen”, it’s about living in a more conscious manner. It’s not what it started out as all those years ago, when I first started it. It is, however, what it has become. Think of it as the more personal side of the “Mental Mystic”.

With that being said, there have been “messages” from Spirit, guiding me back to these pages.

One of my youngest daughter’s on-going Elearning assignments is to keep a journal of this time. Hers is more geared to the days as “history in the making”.

Then, there’s one of my dearest friend… She’s gotten more active on her own blog, On a Solid Rock. This morning, she spoke of this all being an “adventure”. In a way… it really is.

Now, here I am preparing to speak with one of my mentors, my Spiritual “Mama”, about this situation as part of an upcoming episode of By the Hearth Podcast…

Some interesting times in which we find ourselves. These times do need to be documented in some form or fashion for the generations to come.

I’ll write more about this in the days to come. For now, I must prepare for my chat.

Until next time, dear friend, may you be well!


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