Preparing for 2019

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Traditionally, for me the week between Christmas and the New (Calendar) Year is spent in preparation. I use it to get a sense of what – energetically speaking – the upcoming year might have in store for me. As well as setting goals and intentions.

So far this year I’ve:

  • Listened to Lee Harris’ energetic forecast for 2019.
  • Scoped out my numerlogical cycle number for the upcoming year from Creative Numerology by Christine DeLorey
  • Listened to episode #73 of Sexy Soul Radio by Caty Pasternak (as recommended by a friend of mine).
  • Sat down with my favorite deck of tarot cards (the Gaian deck by Joanna Powell Colbert) and did a New Year Spread that I became aware of a number of years back from a tarot group I belonged to through The Handmaiden’s Garden, Sackets Harbor, NY. Though, honestly? I think there are a couple more I’m going to do – just for yucks and giggles.
  • Listened to the whispers of my own Heart, my own Soul and journaled about my intentions for the New Year as well as establishing my “effort goals” for the month of January.

And you know what?

I’m chomping at the bit to get started with 2019!!

There is SO much percolating just beneath the surface for me professionally, personally, and spiritually that I feel such excitement for the upcoming year that I catch myself wanting to get started on things NOW!

Why don’t I?

Partly because one or two of my budding projects… Well, I’m waiting for the beginning of the new tax season.

Others just require time and space, which isn’t entirely possible until the kids go back to school.

So, here I am, doing what I am able for the time being.

And, yes, writing and being more active here are among my intentions for 2019.

It has taken a lot of work on so many levels, but I believe that my voice has returned, and I’m feeling a little more comfortable/confident in giving it expression. Whether that is a “good” or a “bad” thing where the masses are concerned, remains to be seen.

Are you ready for 2019? Do you have traditions that you stick to in preparing for a New Year? I would love for you to share in the comments below. I’m always excited to hear about the processes others undergo!

Until next time, dear friend… I do hope the New Year shines brightly upon you and yours!

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