Strength In Stillness: Monday Messages, the Holiday Grunge Edition

by | Sep 7, 2020 | Musings of a Mental Mystic | 0 comments

I’m taking the day off but – given that I enjoy doing Monday Messages so much – I decided to take a moment out of the holiday morning to do it.⁠

I give to you the “Holiday Grunge Edition” 😂⁠⁠

Today’s message reminds us that true strength is not found within aggression, control, or domination. True strength comes from the Heart. It takes a strong sense of being to release control, to take the back seat, and give Spirit (our Divine Inner Being) the wheel to drive our lives.⁠

Divine Guidance is found in that small, still voice within. It takes slowing down and going within to hear it.⁠

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Until next time, dear friend…

Take care!

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