Wisdom Wednesday: Manifesting Our Dreams In Stillness & Solitude

by | Jan 13, 2021 | Musings of a Mental Mystic | 0 comments

This morning’s message was about the energetic call of Solitude and Stillness that January 2021 brings with it.

It is a time for releasing the residue of what has come before and getting clear and FOCUSED on what it is we desire to see more of in our lives.

Please watch the video for the full message and deeper insight into this subject.

As my lovely visitor, Michelle, said in the comments on Facebook, “Keep on keeping on.” 💖


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I hope today’s message resonated with you, dear friend.

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Until next time, may you Grace, Abundance and OODLES of LOVE and JOY ❤️

Much Love and Many Hugs to You,

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